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EPIC’s Line Efficiency Guarantee

packaging-line-efficiency-gauranteeBy treating our relationship with you as a partnership, and through our industry experience, EPIC delivers a better solution faster. We believe in our method so much that we will guarantee the agreed upon line efficiency if we complete a turnkey packaging line for you.

Use the chart below to compare the advantages EPIC offers with our integration philosophy to the philosophies of any other potential integrator. If you find that your needs and desires line up with EPIC philosophy, please give us a call or fill out our contact form:

Does the integrator take complete responsibility for your project from concept through commissioning? Including completing the following:
• Layout development
• Operations strategy
• Equipment selection and procurement
• Detailed line design
• Line automation
• Offsite modularization and staging
• Factory acceptance testing
• Site preparation
• Installation
• Operator and maintenance training
• Commissioning
• Punch list Resolution

Using firms that do various combinations of these, but not all of them, is risky because it spreads your project across multiple firms.

Communication is harder and costs can easily get added. Having one, dedicated project manager throughout the duration of your project keeps it on track and in budget.

At EPIC, your project will be handled from start to finish by the same integration team. Our integration team is well versed in every aspect of packaging line integration and prepared to accept responsibility from design through commissioning.
Is the integrator willing to commit to line throughput and quality performance specifications?

Before awarding the contract, make sure your integrator sees you as a partner and is willing to treat you fairly. If the project goes awry, you don’t want to get caught holding the bill by yourself. Or worse, abandoned without a working solution.

At EPIC, we always honor our agreed on price point and quality specifications.
Does the integrator provide objectivity in selecting the best value equipment for your packaging application?

If your integrator holds agreements with certain vendors, you will not get an accurate opinion of which equipment is best for your line. You will get a quote that is best for the integrator and their vendor.

At EPIC, we maintain the policy of not entering formal agreements with any vendors so that we objectively choose packaging equipment.
Does the integrator conduct competitive bid process to ensure equipment and contractor installation is fair?

Conducting competitive bids for equipment and labor keeps the costs of the project down for you.

EPIC believes our competitive bidding process helps keep costs down for clients.
Will there be degreed engineers designing your system and managing your project?

A degree signifies a certain level of proficiency and professionalism.

At EPIC, our packaging line integration team consists of engineers who are both degreed and experienced.
Does the integrator offer the option of refurbished used packing equipment, as appropriate, with full warranty?

Having this option can go a long way in efficiently using your available capital budget to get your packaging line completed how you want.

EPIC offers refurbished equipment from trusted sources to give your project more flexibility.
Will the integrator perform a financial analysis to determine the justified degree of automation based upon the return on investment?

You could have a fully automated, robotic, hands-free packaging line, but at what cost? Sometimes the means does not justify the end. A good integrator will give you practical solution that makes sense financially for your company.

At EPIC, we work with you to determine places where your packaging line can benefit from automation, and where automation is not a practical solution.


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