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Chemical Packaging Line Upgrades

The customer’s chemical packaging line was experiencing intermittent delays. The customer wanted to identify issues, maximize line uptime, and integrate a better OEE tracking system for their chemical packaging line. Industry: Chemicals Client: Fortune 100 Chemical Company KEY ENGINEERING FEATURES: Rockwell FactoryTalk Metrics integration for fault code tracking PC-Based reporting system for OEE tracking and downtime metrics […]

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Calculate Your Basic Return on Packaging System Upgrades

Are you trying to figure out if a packaging system upgrade, more automation, or new equipment is worth it? The hardest thing during the planning stage of any packaging line project is determining what your ROI might look like so that you can establish a budget. While there is no perfect way to do this, […]

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Custom Packaging Line Round Up

The old saying goes, “age before beauty”, right? Not so much the case when deciding who should integrate a new custom packaging line into a manufacturing plant. Choosing an engineering firm to integrate a custom line can be difficult because you want to more than just the right equipment, you need the right people implementing […]

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Bottle Filling & Packaging Line

Mistakes You Are Making that Slow Down Your Packaging Line

For most packaging lines, there is a litany of forces conspiring to slow your line down below optimal speeds. The biggest, and most common of these has to do with troubleshooting and line maintenance. How many of these common mistakes or quick fixes have you implemented? 1. Have you ever reduced the running speed of […]

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process system design and fabrication

International Foods Packaging System Tour

Have you ever wondered what the inside of food plant looks like? Yeah me too. Two weeks ago I took a tour of the new International Foods plant, and what was inside the plant amazed me. So much going on, different moving parts and products being packaged everywhere you look. That’s where EPIC comes in. […]

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automated packaging system integrators

Automated Packaging System Integrators

Interested in automating your packaging line, but unsure if the investment is worth it? An experienced team of automated packaging system integrators is what you need. The level of automation and purchasing used or new equipment are two key areas that are discussed to help you achieve the highest ROI. Level of Automation When automating your packaging system “Go […]

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Handpack Station

Three Keys to Maximizing Automated Packaging Line Throughput

The goal with any packaging line is to maximize throughput. The last thing you want is for the line to slow down, or even worse, shut down. The design of your packaging systems is key to making sure you are getting the best performance. Beyond equipment selection, there are three key aspects that need to be carefully incorporated into […]

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