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Packaging System Design? Yeah, We Can Handle That

There are many questions to be answered when you are trying to develop a packaging system from scratch. Do you need a low-speed inline filler? Or a high speed rotary filler? How should equipment be spaced to ensure good line flow and balance? What type of production line will maximize throughput for your specific product(s)? […]

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Aseptic bottling filling equipment is a trend that is growing rapidly with beverage processors and packers. A few primary advantages include longer shelf life, fresher taste and no preservatives. If you have questions about this growing technology, contact an EPIC engineer for more information…

Bottle Filling Trends | Aseptic Filling

Longer shelf life, fresher taste, no preservatives – these are the primary advantages to an aseptic bottle filling line. This technology is catching on quickly for beverage processors and packers. Aseptic packaging is widely used in places like Europe, Asia and South America, but it is just starting to catch on in America. Aseptic Filling […]

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Liquid Filling Into Stand-Up Pouches

Pouch Packaging: A Growing Trend

Have you noticed the new trend at your local grocery store? Items that used to come in boxes, cartons or cups are now in re-sealable pouches. From dishwasher detergent to applesauce, pouch packaging is all around us. So what is up with this new trend? The Freedonia Group, Inc conducted a study and found that […]

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PackML – Coming Soon to Packaging Systems Near You

The PackML (Packaging Machine Language) standard is changing the face of packaging systems around the world. Striving to unite packing machinery with a common “look and feel,” PackML became an ISA88 industry standard in August 2008. PackML provides a common “machine state” model and standardized data tracking (Pack-Tags), to ensure machine programmers are speaking the same language. […]

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System Integrator Inside Tip: When To Automate

Your packing operations are probably somewhere between fully automated and completely manual on the automation scale. Thanks in part to system integrators, automation has become common place for industry.  Knowing which processes to automate, at what time, is key to your future success. Automated packaging systems can be both a blessing and a significant expense. […]

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System Integrator’s Show Evidence of US Manufacturing Growth

Signs that US manufacturing is growing are gathering as fourth quarter results hit Wall Street. A 10% rise in sales for one of EPIC’s vendors, Rockwell Automation, outpaced market expectations. Rockwell sites an upswing in the economy and a growing demand for automated system integration. As a system integrator, EPIC has its fingers on the […]

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PLC Controls to the Rescue

Do you want tighter control of your production lines, but can’t afford to install a controller for every line? Wish you could gather more data on your manufacturing process or integrate remote process data with on-site real-time feedback? PLC controls, combined with real-time Ethernet, networking, and distributed controls are breaking down barriers and increasing your […]

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The Importance of US Manufacturing

$1.87 trillion, that’s how much manufacturing contributed to US economy in 2012. Manufacturing is the backbone of the United States, and something our nation was built on. As a system integrator, we work with manufacturers everyday and are impressed by their can-do spirit & dedication to constant improvement. We are celebrating Manufacturing Day today, and […]

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Don’t Let Your System Integrator Hold You Hostage: Do It Better

Can you modify all your automation programs? Do you have the engineering drawings for everything on your manufacturing floor? Unfortunately for most manufacturer’s, the answer to one or both of these questions is “no.” A lot of system integrators don’t relinquish their controller and HMI programs or drawings to the end client. This protects the […]

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