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Bulk PackagingBulk packaging lines can be automated to improve the following:

  • Safety – automated lock-out/tag out systems, safety checks, and removal of direct employee contact with hazardous materials are a few examples of ways automation can improve your lines safety.
  • Risk – by eliminating direct contact of workers with machines, automating safety check points and procedures and monitoring process
  • Line speed and efficiency – automation can improve line speed and also ensures filling efficiency. Automated integrity checks, fill level checks and other process feedback controls ensure your product is packaged correctly the first time.
  • Product handling – fryable, delicate or easily breakable product are carefully planned for and handled with care by automated machinery. Automated checks for product integrity and real-time line adjustments ensure product is handled and packaged without damage. 
  • Compliance & validation – all bulk packaging lines that are subject to regulations, compliance or other standards are validated upon check-out.
  • Quality and accuracy – automated product quality checks and integrated technologies such as RFID tracking and other counterfeiting and bootlegging measures.

Contact an engineer to get started on your bulk packaging lines today or learn more about the types of bulk packaging we work with:

Select Case Studies for Bulk Packaging

Semi-Automated Pail Filling Line

Bulk Packaging LineA negative experience with an OEM left our client with a malfunctioning filler and a delayed timeline. EPIC re-programmed the filler and integrated an in-feed line with the existing pail filling line. Fully automated filling increased line speed and removed line operators from direct contact with the chemical. Semi-automated lift assist and conveying aided employees in moving heavy pails after filling. Full Semi-Automated Pail Filling Line case study…

Key features: Custom filler upgrades and programming, mass micro-flow meters, semi-automatic pail filling line, custom in-feed line with capper, crimper and lift assist, modified palletizer

Automated Tote Handling Line For Hazardous Chemical

automated-tote-filling-line1A powerful chemical that emits hazardous fumes needed to be safely filled into plastic, capped totes. Workers needed to remain a safe distance from the totes during filling. A semi-automated tote filling line from EPIC purged in-coming totes, allowed workers to fill totes from behind a safety screen, and used a vent line to safely remove air exhaled during filling. More…

Key Features: Automatic tote purge before filler, mirrored conveying systems with in-line filler, semi-automated filling with safety locks.

Industry experience:

Line Rate Guarantee

 We are confident in our ability to automate your line. With over nineteen years of packaging line automation experience, we know what the challenges are and how to integrate for them.  We believe in our method so much that we will guarantee the agreed upon line efficiency if we complete a turnkey packaging line for you. Contact our packaging experts today to learn more.

Client Testimonial

“The service we’d previously received from another system integrator was sub-standard and not robust enough to meet our manufacturing objectives. However, the new control system configured and implemented by EPIC’s engineers met or exceeded all of our expectations for success. We got what we needed and we continue to have success with the packaging system as a result of working with EPIC.”

– Greg Kanteres, Director of Corporate Engineering | Solutia


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