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Our engineers will use our years of packaging experience to design, integrate and install packing lines for both dry and liquid agricultural products. Friability, high fill temperatures, and line speed are all examples of challenges addressed during the packaging line design phase to ensure a successful outcome after installation.

EPIC will concentrate on packaging your agricultural products safely and efficiently, utilizing your exact specifications. Whether you are filling pouches, canisters, boxes or bags, EPIC Systems can design and install a system to achieve your agricultural products packaging goals.


Capabilities for Agricultural Packaging

Our customers do not receive a stock packaging machine that must be manipulated to fit their process. Instead, EPIC’s engineers work with you to design a packaging solution that works with your product and selected package. A variety of packaging materials and end containers can be used on an EPIC packaging line.  From sustainable mushroom fiber, to durable plastic weave packaging, EPIC aims to minimize waste with our full  service designed, automated and installed packaging lines. Special care is taken to make sure product packaging is sanitary and handled correctly throughout the line.

EPIC designs agricultural packaging lines that include equipment with the following features:

  • Bag products based on count or weight
  • Cap various sized containers
  • Completely erect cases for filling
  • Convey product at various speeds
  • De-case containers for filling
  • Fill containers based on volume, flow, or weight
  • Form/fill/seal packages
  • Heat seal packages and cases
  • Insert sprayers.
  • Separate products into lanes for easier packaging
  • Print labels, dates, lot codes numbers
  • Orientate products for packaging
  • Palletize products/de-palletize products
  • Reject damaged product
  • Sort products
  • Pack cases automatically
  • Stretch wrap pallets
  • Tape closed cases
  • Unscramble products
  • Weigh products and packaging for accuracy

A combination of the various machines above will be integrated together by EPIC to create a custom packaging line that meets your needs. The following sections will tell you which agricultural products we work with, the conveying systems we use, and the containers we can package your agricultural products into.

Common Products

  • Feed
  • Fertilizers
  • Field crops
  • Fungicides
  • Grains
  • Granulated products
  • Grits
  • Herbicides
  • Insecticides
  • Kernels
  • Manure
  • Meal
  • Milk
  • Oil seeds
  • Oils
  • Pesticides
  • Powders
  • Pulse crops
  • Seeds
  • Soils

Agricultural Conveying

Conveying is a large part of packaging systems for most agricultural products. EPIC has extensive experience in conveyor system design. We can efficiently install automated conveyor systems both for packaging purposes. Our conveyor systems will seamlessly integrate with your product treatment equipment. We carefully consider the friability of your product and whether or not a dust collection system is required before selecting the conveyor types to be used. The following conveyors are commonly used by EPIC in agricultural applications:

  • Conventional Conveyors for AG Packaging
    • Belt conveyors
    • Bucket elevator conveyors
    • Drag conveyors
    • Drill & planter conveyors
    • Grain seed conveyors
    • Live bottom conveyors
    • Low profile transfer conveyors
    • Screw Conveyors
    • Slip-Stick conveyors
    • Top drive belt conveyors
    • Twin screw conveyors
    • Under bin conveyors
    • Vibratory conveyor
    • Pneumatic Conveyors
      • Dense phase conveyors
      • Dilute phase conveyors



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