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Beer Packaging

Beer PackagingWe can help you set up your custom bottling, canning, or keg filling lines, and quality inspection systems. Carbonation and sanitary processing requirements are carefully maintained throughout filling and capping. Based on a mutually agreed upon budget and project scope, EPIC will help you automate your beer packaging lines

EPIC Beer Packaging

The packaging of your beer is just as important as the process behind it. At EPIC we take care to make sure the scale and automation of your packaging line fits your individual brewery’s needs. With front-end engineering we can design a custom packaging line that fills cans, bottles, kegs or any combination of containers with your beers.

  • Fillers for bottles, cans, or kegs
  • Conveying systems
  • Crown crimper’s
  • Crown/lid unscrambler’s
  • Bottle/can/keg orientator’s
  • Bottle/can/keg labelers
  • Case erectors
  • Sealers
  • Date/Coders
  • Hoppers
  • Lift-assists for kegs
  • Laners and Casers
  • Pressure checking equipment
  • Pasteurizers
  • Pallatizers/stretch wrappers
  • Check weighers
  • Keg Rackers
  • Vision Systems for Breweries


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Unique Vision Applications from EPIC:

EPIC Systems can provide custom vision systems that help breweries large and small reduce errors in both the process side of making beer and especially in the bottle/can/keg filling process. From wrinkled labels and misapplied crowns to foreign keg inspection, EPIC can design a vision beer packaging line system to solve your brewery’s quandaries.

  • Foreign Keg ID – Inspection of incoming kegs to make sure they are not from another breweryBottle orientation inspection for labeling
  • Misapplied crown inspection – to make sure crowns are placed and crimped onto bottle correctly
  • Crown and Label verification – to make sure the correct crown is on the correct bottle of beer (especially useful for mixed cases of beer)
  • Present and correct date/code inspection
  • Cap/Crown inspection inside a full case
  • Wrinkled label inspection
  • Keg leak inspection systems
  • Beer filling machine inspection
  • Can/bottle leak inspection



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Need to brew some beer? EPIC can help you set up your brewing process line.


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