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Powder FIlling MachineBoxes, bags, pods, or jars are all examples of consumer sized powder packaging that EPIC designs custom filling and packaging lines for. Ventilation and worker safety are often concerns with powder packaging, especially if enzyme handling is involved. Shearing and clumping may be another concern you have; our background in chemical engineering combined with over fifteen years of packaging experience means we are well-equipped to recommend feasible solutions for your line.

We address these and other challenges during line design, and work with you to develop practical solutions that meet your budget and needs. EPIC designs lines that meet a variety of industry standards including GMP specifications, ISO 9000 and National Sanitation Foundation system requirements based on customer needs.

Capabilities for powder packaging

Beyond line design, assembly, testing and installation, EPIC has certain capabilities around powder handling and powder filling machines that ensure success for your powder filling line:

  • Anti-counterfeiting technologies
  • Batch control monitoring
  • Check-weighers
  • Automated data collection and analysis
  • Dehumidification for hygroscopic products, humid or tropical environments
  • Vibratory, aeration and mechanical devices to prevent discharge and keep powder moving down the line
  • Explosion relief systems
  • Enzyme handling safety measures
  • In-line inspection stations
  • Load cell weigh checks and ultrasonic level measurement
  • Machine vision inspection systems
  • Metal detection
  • OEE and downtime tracking systems
  • Pneumatic conveying systems
  • Pressure systems
  • Vacuum systems
  • Ventilation systems with environmental control

Packaging types

A variety of containers can be filled with powders on automated lines. We commonly design fully and semi-automated packaging lines for:

  • Bags
  • Bottles
  • Boxes
  • Canisters
  • Cups
  • Foil, metalized, or Mylar flexible bags
  • HDPE plastic bottles
  • Jars
  • Jugs
  • Pods or packets
  • Small plastic totes
  • Stand-up pouches

Flexible lines can be designed which handle multiple types and/or sizes of containers through one line


EPIC can design an integrated packaging line or powder filling machine for virtually any product, but the following are common types of dry bulk powders we have worked with in the past:


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