Packaging Line Capabilities


Packaging System Automation

Semi-automated to fully automated packaging engineering solutions are available from EPIC, depending upon your budget or needs. Work with our automation experts find your level of automation. Our experts can guide you through:

  • Automation design & consulting

    • Line rates and product shipped per day requirements
    • Accumulation requirements
    • Budget constraints
    • Critical and complex packaging functions
    • Degree of automation
    • Equipment requirements
    • Line ergonomics
    • Packaging line layout
    • Plant space constraints
    • HVAC and Utility requirements
    • Safety and compliance requirements
  • Control panel fabrication
  • Control system development & integration
  • Electrical design
  • Programming
  • Drafting services
  • MES & SCADA solutions
  • Plant floor IT solutions
  • Robotic work cells integratoin
  • Safety engineering
  • Line Relocation 

    We help manufacturers relocate packaging systems in a efficient manner, and we address the following during packaging line relocation:

    • Optimal line design, ergonomics and accessibility development
    • Line performance improvements
    • Control system, HMI and/or equipment upgrades
    • Line footprint
    • Mechanical line integration
    • Accumulation studies
    • Utility existence & integration
    • Material logistics integration
    • Civil improvements
    • Code & regulation compliance
    • Tie in with MES, SAP & QA reporting systems
    • Addition of automated QA checks or machine vision systems

    Used Equipment

    Whether you are looking at acquiring a used piece of equipment or integrating existing equipment in your plant, EPIC is the right partner to help you achieve the best performance out of your packaging line. Our capabilities around used equipment include:

    • Locating and acquiring quality used equipment
    • Equipment testing
    • Line compatibility
    • Repairs or upgrades to existing equipment
    • Controls and HMI interface upgrades
    • Custom tooling
    • Off-site line integration

    Enzyme Handling

    Enzymes are becoming increasingly common in many products, but not all manufacturers are prepared for the challenges they pose for worker safety. Prolonged exposure to these enzymes is a serious health hazard, but EPIC can help you ensure that risk is minimized for your plant personal. We perform the following during enzyme handling evaluations, returning actionable recommendations you can begin implementing right away:

  • Physical line modifications evaluations (engineered controls)
  • Potential operational line changes review
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) review
  • Maintenance guidelines
  • Safety guidelines
  • Recommendation review with client
  • Line change implementation
  • Follow-up and continuing support
  • Anti-counterfeiting

    Protecting your products once they leave your facility  from counterfeiting, diversion, substitution and tampering  requires some special packaging line upgrades and packaging features. Some common anti-counterfeiting technologies we can help you implement include:

    General anti-counterfeiting techniques

    • Product identification
    • Point-of-sale line verification
    • Production authorization verification for manufacturers
    • Second line authentication for trained examinations
    • Marking methods that deter counterfeiting via high duplication costs
    • Overt markings for brand identification
    • Correct loading of active materials to avoid product dilution
    • Location, time and date stamps for both manufacturer and distribution facilities 

    Specific technologies include:

    • Taggant fingerprinting
    • Serialized barcodes
    • Encrypted micro-particles
    • UV printing
    • Holograms
    • Track and trace
    • Micro-printing
    • Water indicating
    • DNA tracking
    • Color shifting ink or film
    • Tamper evident seals and tapes
    • 2D barcodes

    Machine Vision

    Machine vision systems help you detect packaging defects or provide real-time line feedback. Our Machine Vision specialists will develop custom vision solutions for your production line that can address common packaging line problems, such as:

    • Custom parameters
    • Color inspection
    • 360 degree inspection
    • Packaging Integrity

      • Dents
      • Defects
      • Damage
      • Holes
      • Creases/wrinkles
  • Present and readable markings

    • Labels
    • Position
    • Skew
    • Date codes
    • Damage
    • Symbols
    • Scratches
    • Logo verification
    • Allergen text
    • Barcodes
    • Matrix codes
    • RFID labels 
  • Cap and seal inspection

    • Missing caps
    • Correct seals
    • Crooked or high caps
    • Correct color caps
  • Molded features

    • Delamination inspection
    • Embedded contaminates
    • Color change
    • Blistering
  • Packing Line Studies

    Actionable recommendations and pragmatic solutions are the hallmarks of studies performed by EPIC on your packaging lines. Common studies we perform are:

    • Up-time and accumulation studies
    • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) studies
    • Area classification studies
    • Ergonomic studies
    • Enzyme handling evaluations

    Quotes & Estimates

    Do you want a fixed bid that guarantees the success of your packaging line? Don’t settle for a “quick” quote with a high number of unknowns and a high amount of contingency. Instead, work with an experienced partner like EPIC that handles quotations differently.  Our unique front-end engineering approach shortens the design phase of projects and delivers more accurate quotations with clearly defined scope. FEE covers:

    • ROM (Rough Order Magnitude) Quote development
      • +/- 50%
      • +/- 15%-5%
    • Refined quotations
    • Fixed bid quotations
    • Quote peer review
    • Technical peer reviews
    • Scope development
    • Boundary limits
    • Defined deliverables
    • Project timelines
    • Contingency planning
    • Equipment, instruments & valve lists

    Packaging System Design

    From equipment layout and selection to controls strategy, EPIC will determine the best line design for your needs:

    • Controls, interfacing and automation strategy
    • Mechanical integration design and machinery deck heights
    • Fixed bid price
    • General arrangement drawings
    • Key milestones and dates timeline
    • Long term development plan
    • Equipment selection
    • Plant integration strategy
    • Time and cost savings options
    • Line studies, accumulation and OEE studies
    • Anti-counterfeiting technologies
    • GMP practices and manufacturing standards
    • Handshaking, changeovers and conveyor widths


    Handshaking between equipment, correct product and packaging handling, line speeds and downtime, all depend upon correct packaging line programming. Platforms we work with include:

    • Logic programming
    • PC-based programming
    • PLC programming
    • Operator interface programming
    • Data analysis and collection:
      • QA systems
      • MES or SAP systems
      • Relational databases including Oracle and SQL servers
      • Up-level reporting systems
      • Custom applications

    Electrical Design

    EPIC’s highly skilled electrical designers follow strict National Electric Code (NFPA) and signal integrity is maintained using the proper separation of power, control, and communication wiring. Fully electrical capabilities include:

    • Explosion proof parameters
    • Fittings
    • Intrinsically safe devices
    • Isolation barriers
    • Proper grounding
    • Purged electrical cabinets
    • Circuit breaker protective devices
    • Electrical wire color and wire marking standards
    • Fuse preference
    • NEMA or IEC motor starters
    • custom design parameters


    Assembly and integration of packaging lines can be performed either in the controlled environment of our fabrication plant or at your facility, depending on which is best for the packaging timeline. Our full integration capabilities include:

    • Mechanical assembly
    • Electrical wiring
    • Instrumentation
    • Deck hieghth integration
    • Transition plates
    • Conveyor widths
    • Line changeovers
    • Fully assembled equipment testing

    Assembly & Testing Plant

    Our fabrication plant has a wide range of capabilities, both directly and indirectly related to packaging line integration and assembly. Common functions performed in our plant include:

    • Carbon steel manipulation and fabrication
    • Stainless steel manipulation and fabrication
    • FAT testing
    • Green tagging
    • Instrument installation
    • Insulation
    • Mechanical assembly
    • Non-carbon steel
    • Painting
    • Pipe fitting, bending and installation
    • Pressure vessel fabrication
    • R and U stamp certified
    • Sanitary fabrication
    • Tooling
    • Tube fitting, bending and installation
    • Welding

    Site Management

    Performing upgrades to your existing facility or making sure that packaging lines fit correctly into a new plant, requires an integrator that can both deliver your package lines and manage any site upgrades. EPIC’s extensive packaging engineering experience in the field allows us to ensure a fully functional startup. Our plant construction capabilities include:

    • Site upgrades
    • Civil and utilities installations
    • Modifications to plant facilities or infrastructure
    • Installation of pre-fabricated, mechanical equipment, machines and hardware
    • Link in-feed and out-feed equipment installation
    • Power distribution construction including conduit and wiring installation to provide power to the new production line
    • Plant system engineering, including: communication set-up between packaging equipment and ancillary equipment
    • Oversight by an experienced construction management team
    • Surface area grounds work, including: grading, compaction and drainage
    • Underground utilities installation


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