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Anti-Counterfeiting Technologies

An Integrated Anti-Counterfeiting Solution

anti-counterfeiting for pharmaceutical packaging EPIC can customize design a protection system that will integrate seamlessly into your lines to combat counterfeiting, diversion, substitution, and tampering. Anti-counterfeit technolgies can provide some of the following benefits to combat these issues:

    • Simple counterfeit product identification
    • Point-of-Sale first line verification for consumers
    • Production Authorization verification for manufacturers
    • Second line authentification for trained examinations
    • Marking methods that deter counterfeiting through high duplication costs
    • Easy brand identification through overt markings
    • Correct loading of active materials to aviod product dilution
    • Location and time of manufacture
    • Distribution source to aviod diversion

EPIC can install products for a variety of anti-counterfeiting companies including:

  • Stealth Mark
  • Creo/Kodak Security Services/Document Security Systems (DSS)
  • Brady
  • RDS
  • API Holographic Ltd.
  • DuPont
  • Axway
  • Tesa Scribos
  • Microtrace
  • DNA Technologies

Threats to product integrity

Counterfeit Threats

Many things can place your products at risk. Some of the issues you may be concerned with are:

  • Counterfeiting

    The unauthorized reproduction of your product can erode your brand and lead to negative financial impact. Install and utilize an anti-counterfeiting system to help positively identify your real products and expose the counterfeit ones.

  • Diversion

    The sale or resale of your product by an unauthorized sales channel can compromise the integrity of your product and brand. Diversion protection systems integrate into your packaging process and allow you to immediately identify the source of unauthorized distribution and the intended destination for your diverted products.

  • Substitution

    The problem of material substitution for lesser or unknown quality materials in the making of your product can erode your reputation and your reliability. Substitution protection systems prevent unauthorized material from entering your production process through inspection systems that immediately identify such substitutions.

  • Tampering

    Products that have been tampered with risk contamination and damage. Tampering protection systems clearly show evidence of tampering when or if it occurs and can combat the exposure of your products to this threat.

Anti-counterfeiting packaging technologies

Anti-Counterfeiting Packaging Technologies

Marking systems can be applied either covertly or overtly to most materials and products. We can install systems that utilize standard marking products, such as labels, that are pre-impregnated with special security features including the following:

    • Taggant fingerprinting – microscopic or nano materials that are uniquely encoded – act as a ‘fingerprint’ unique to that product that can be verified from a database.


    • Encrypted micro-particles – second authentification method – markings invisible to the naked eye that are variable in number, layer, and color and random in disperal.  Act as a unique ‘fingerprint’ for each product.


    • Holograms – diffractive optically variable devices (holograms) are an overt anti-counterfeiting packaging technology that can be used to distinguish products at point of sale. Can be applied as labels, seals, hot-stamped patches, and blister foils. Required for Meditag program in Malaysia.


    • Micro-printing – printing of very small text onto products, usually invisible to the naked eye. Second line authentification method – most commonly used on currency


    • DNA tracking – overtly or covertly printing gene segments onto products through optical labels which can be tracked and traced throughout the distribution channels.


    • Tamper evident seals and tapes– provide a visual confirmation of tampering either through hidden graphics/residual images or self-destructability


    • Serialized barcodes – prints barcodes in series on products that can be tracked and traced through the distribution system. Counterfeits would be out of series, and missing products in distribution chain could have been diverted.


    • UV printing – prints marks in special inks that are onvisible in UV light. Can be used in conjunction with watermarks, holograms and other anti-counterfeiting methods. Second line authentification method


    • Track and trace – link on-pack security devices with database management and field-tracking services


    • Water indicating – printed marks that show clear evidence of contact with water and possible product diversion or tampering.


    • Color shifting ink or film – changes colors when tilted at different angles. Can be uniquely textured as well, to provide extra authentification method. Point-of-sale identification for customer.


    • 2D barcodes – matrix codes in geometric patterns with contain various data about the product



Products and markets

Products and Markets

We can design and install a custom marking solution to uniquely mark your products. Instant verification and authentication systems can be integrated into various parts of your distribution or supply chain as desired. These anti-counterfeiting packaging solutions can be used to protect a variety of products and markets. Some of the applications this technology can be applied to include:

  • Aerospace  products
  • Agricultural products
  • Ammunition
  • Apparel
  • Automotive products
  • Beauty products
  • Bottles
  • Consumer products
  • Cosmetics
  • Electronics
  • Food and beverages
  • Jewelry
  • Golf clubs
  • Health products
  • Homeland security
  • Medical products
  • Movies/DVD’s
  • Music
  • Packaging
  • Perfumes
  • Personal care products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Purses
  • Textiles


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