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Packaging Line Relocation

conveyor installationManufacturers decide to relocate packaging lines for a variety reasons:

  • Are you acquiring a new product line from another manufacturer?
  • Are you relocating for business reasons (i.e. labor costs, better distribution)?
  • Are you bringing a packaging line in-house?  Moving a line to or from a contract manufacturer?
  • Is higher product demand driving production line relocation?

Whatever your reason, EPIC can help you move packaging lines in a well-planned, efficient manner.  We begin the process with Front-end engineering,  to collaboratively plan the move.  Rarely does a Packaging Line remain exactly the same during a move.  Some of the aspects we consider include:

  • What is the optimal layout for the new location?
  • What line performance improvements can be made during the move?
  • What are the dimensions of the space/building the production line relocation?
  • How does the line footprint fit inside the building footprint?
  • Will you need to mechanically integrate your equipment due to different floor elevations, equipment arrangements, etc.?
  • Will your line accumulation and conveyor lengths change?
  • What utilities exist in the new location? How will you connect these utilities to your line? Do you need to install any new utilities required by the line?
  • What are the material logistics of the new line location? How will you integrate the packaging line with shipping operations?
  • Is the product delivery system already in place?
  • Are civil improvements (i.e. floor drains, footings, support structures etc.) required at the new site?
  • Will the new site be compliant of the codes and regulations that apply to your packaging process?
  • Will the line accessibility change at the new location? What is the optimal layout for operations and maintenance personnel?
  • How will you tie the line into QA, MES, SAP or upper level reporting systems?

Many clients also take the packaging line relocation as an opportunity to upgrade their production line. EPIC will provide recommendations for simple line improvements that have a significant impact on efficiency. Examples of these improvements include:

  • Control system upgrades
  • Affordable technology upgrades
  • Improved line ergonomics
  • Equipment upgrades
  • HMI improvements
  • Machine vision system integration for quality checks

Contact an EPIC Packaging Engineer today about relocating your line. Our line efficiency guarantee applies to relocation projects and we can help you select the appropriate level of automation. Do It Better with EPIC.


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