Packaging Line Capabilities

Electrical Design

Custom electrical product line design engineering goes into every packaging system from EPIC. Capable of using a centralized or decentralized power distribution, we design electrical schematics based upon your needs. Packaging line controls design is prepared by EPIC’s electrical engineers and follows strict NFPA National Electric Code.

Instrument signal integrity is maintained using the proper separation of power, control, and communication wiring. We incorporate the following into packaging control systems based upon system requirements:

    • Custom parameters
    • Explosion proof enclosures
    • Fittings
    • Intrinsically safe devices
    • Isolation barriers
    • Proper grounding
    • Purged electrical cabinets

Electrical Product Line Design Considerations

    • Circuit breaker protective devices
    • Existing electrical control voltage: 120 VAC versus 24 VDC
    • Electrical wire color and wire marking standards
    • Electrical fuse preference
    • NEMA or IEC preferred motor starters
    • Other specially-imposed requirements for electrical design

EPIC prepares the necessary product line design documentation required to maintain the packing lines electrical controls. This includes electrical schematic drawings, loop diagrams, control panel layout drawings, component part numbers, and specification spreadsheets to provide worry-free system upkeep.

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