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EPIC is an unbiased equipment advisor first and an integrator second. We do not manufacture equipment or have exclusive agreements with OEMs. We provide engineering evaluations of each machine, with a complete understanding of how they fit together. We believe one machine does not work best for every process and will help you thoroughly understand your options.

We are plant engineers who successfully navigate integration challenges. We have in house automation and process engineering groups that provide seamless control integration, process analysis and line design. We ensures each machine works with both the process side and packaging sides of plants.

While OEM’s are experts in their machinery, EPIC is a total plant integrator. Will your process flow rates match your fill rates? Are backwash and accumulation properly handled? We specialize in matching fill rates, pump rates and conveying rates. We ensure clear communication between the making system and the filler.

Many integrators have agreements with certain vendors requiring them to use, or rewarding them for using, that vendors equipment on your packaging line. This means when the integrator is selecting equipment for your line, they have, at the very least, a bias based on these agreements. EPIC provides engineering analysis to choose the best packaging equipment for your needs. We find the machine with the right features to improve your process while eliminating machines with costly accessories you don’t need. Whether you are looking for a bottle unscrambler, pick & place robot, checkweighers, a filler or a case erector, we will find the best option for you.

We integrate the following equipment for consistent, accurate packaging systems:

inline fillerFillers

From high-speed, fully automated fillers to low-speed bulk filling, EPIC is an experienced filler integrator. We will help you select the best filling machines for your application and integrate them successfully into your packaging system. As the rate-limitor for your line, packaging fillers are the key piece of equipment that must communicate correctly with your conveying and process systems. EPIC provides un-biased view in selecting your filling equipment, focusing on appropriateness to your application and long-term ROI. We work with the following fillers types most often:

  • Rotary fillers
  • In-line fillers
  • Mass flow meter fillers
  • Net weigh fillers
  • Rinse/cap/fill machines
  • Bulk filling equipment
  • Ancillary equipment including:
    • Star wheels
    • Spacers
    • Orientors
    • Vision systems
    • Photo eyes
    • Multihead combination scales


Proper handling of your product, speed, tilt, angle of conveying, and accumulation on the packaging line are carefully designed by EPIC’s engineers. Bulk conveying, sanitary conveying and handling of HAZOP materials with semi-automated conveying are areas of additional expertise beyond standard consumer product sized systems. Common conveyors integrated by EPIC include:

  • automated conveying systemsAutomated
  • Bag accumulation and Pacing
  • Belt
  • Bucket elevator
  • Checkweigher
  • Conventional
  • Drag
  • Drill & planter
  • Grain seed
  • Knockdown
  • Live bottom
  • Low profile transfer
  • Pallet
  • Power Curve
  • Reject
  • Screw
  • Slip-Stick
  • Top drive belt
  • Twin screw
  • Under bin
  • Vibratory
  • Pneumatic
    • Dense phase
    • Dilute phase

robotic palletizersPalletizers

EPIC will help you determine the best palletizing solution with full integration at the end of your packaging line. From box, pouch and bag palletizers to drum palletizing solutions, EPIC will find the solution that’s right for you. Options range from manual assist palletizing to fully automated robotic palletizers. High in-feed, low in-feed, plant floor or raised packing, we’ve worked with it all. We will also integrate any other necessary equipment, including:

  • De-palletizers
  • Turntables
  • Accumulation tables
  • Laners
  • Stretch wrappers
  • Lift-assists
  • Labelers, etc.

packaging equipment integrationOther equipment

Full selection, robotic systems and integration services for complete packaging line solutions, including:

  • Case packers (various case packer sizes)
    • Robotic case packers
    • Pick and place case packers
    • Side load case packers
    • Top load case packers
  • Unscramblers
  • Labelers
    • semi-automatic labelers
    • custom labeling systems
  • Date & lot coders, code daters
  • Pasturizers
  • Check weighers
  • Laners
  • Orientors
  • Gluers/Tapers
  • Box erectors and case erectors
  • Stretch wrappers

EPIC is your go-to packaging equipment integrator. We provide an un-biased solution tailored to meet your needs, budget and ROI requirements. Whether you need a box erector, pick and place machine or an automated conveyor system, we can find the best option for you.  Contact our packaging experts today to start designing your packaging line.

Equipment Suppliers

EPIC is brand agnostic when it comes to packaging equipment. We have worked with most major packaging brands of equipment, including:

  • Accutek Packaging Equipment
  • All-fill
  • DTM Packaging
  • E-PAK Machinery
  • IC Filling Systems
  • Meheen Manufacturing Inc.
  • Pattyn Packaging Lines
  • Ronchi
  • Spee Dee Packaging Machinery
  • Specialty Equipment
  • Plus more…


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