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Packaging Line Equipment

Inline Filling Systems

Inline fillers are a great way to quickly increase line speed over manual filling. Inline filling systems maintain line flexibility without the high costs of a fully automated solution. Our packaging line experts will integrate your inline filler into a packaging line with guaranteed fill rates.

Benefits of Inline Fillers

  • EPIC Inline Filler SystemsFaster Line Changeovers – Less downtime with a quicker, easier, and more efficient changeover between different packaging sizes
  • Flexible Filling with Fast Fill Rates – An inline filler allows you to run various packaging sizes on one line, while significantly increasing line speed and fill rates
  • Increase Production Speed – Filling is the rate limiting operation on most lines,  An automated filler increases the speed and accuracy of this crucial operation at a lower cost. Contact and EPIC Packaging Engineer to discuss the automation level that you require
  • Simple Automated Upgrade – Inline fillers offers the benefits of automated filling without the cost of fully automated rotary fillers. If you do not require a high speed solution, we will specify a cost effective packaging line  with an in-line filler customized for your needs

Selected Case Studies

Expansion of Client Product Offerings

Handpack StationOn a strict budget, a line design was created in order to maintain the mandatory short changeover period for a variety of bottle shapes and sizes. An inline filler and manual handpack station were the centerpieces of the semi-automated solution that allowed the client to quickly expand their product offering. More about the complete packaging solution…

Key Features: Semi-automated low speed packaging line design, integrated in-line filler, automated conveying systems with a rapid rail adjustment, manual capping & spray insert station, manual packing & bundling station, automated weighing case, and a manual palletizer.

EPIC Approved Filler Vendors

  • Accutek Packaging Equipment
  • DTM Packaging
  • E-PAK Machinery
  • Spee Dee Packaging Machinery
  • All-Fill
  • Specialty Equipment
  • IC Filling Systems
  • Meheen Manufacturing Inc.
  • Pattyn Packaging Lines

Client Testimonial

“I have found, with no exception, EPIC to be a company of high technical capability, high quality of construction that always has delivered what they committed to on the date committed to. Finding a company that will do what they say they will do, when they say they will, and for the original price quoted has been hard to find in my experience but EPIC has always delivered for me. Add high quality people, high technical proficiency, and high quality product and that is a an equation that has worked well for me as a custom and I have come to value the partnership approach they bring to each project.” – Sr. Director of Corporate Engineering, Nicepak – PDI

Why Choose EPIC for Your In-Line Filler?

Our team of experienced engineers work with the client to find the most cost effective approach to deliver the right solution. EPIC provides the custom a clear path forward that includes; initial layout, a firm budget, a project timeline, a defined scope of work, production rate guarantee, and major equipment specifications. Clients are involved with the entire process, and EPIC provides training for all personnel who will be operating or performing maintenance on the packaging line. This assures that all custom inline filling systems perform to the required specification and provides a vertical start-up in the field.



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