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Packaging Line Equipment

Used Packaging Line Equipment

Looking to integrate used equipment into your packaging solution? EPIC can help you find the best equipment for your production line, new or used. The comparison chart below gives advantages and drawbacks to both options. Contact an EPIC Packaging Engineer to discuss your packaging line in-depth.


New Packaging Line Equipment

Used Packaging Line Equipment





  • Exactly How You Want It: New packaging line equipment can be ordered to exact specifications.
  • Wowzer! New equipment  comes  with the latest technologies. Large increases in efficiency or flexibility could propel your packaging line miles ahead of the competition
  • Pristine: The equipment has no wear or tear and it doesn’t have to be re-tooled to work with your line.
  • I’ll Warrant: New equipment comes with warranties and service contracts that cover you in case of the unexpected
  • That’s More Like It: The cost of used packaging line equipment can be as much as 75% lower than new equipment. There can be huge cost savings for high-quality equipment.
  • Try Before You Buy: Often you can test a used piece of equipment before you purchase
  • Keep It The Same: Used equipment can offer the same models or types of equipment already in your plant, keeping your lines uniform
  • Rent For The Short Term: If your need is temporary, used equipment may be available for rent
  • Quick!: Used equipment is typically available on shorter notice than new equipment





  • Sticker shock: New equipment can be pricey, especially if you  want it customized
  • Meanwhile…sometimes new equipment can take several months for delivery, especially if they are built to order.
  • What if? New equipment can’t be tested prior to purchasing and receiving.  Some equipment manufacturers don’t have adequate facilities to provide an acceptance test prior to shipping.


  • Lemon-aid: Not all used equipment is in good shape – using an experienced integrator who can help you separate the lemons from the gold nuggets is key
  • That’s Odd: Some used equipment has been custom tooled to someone else’s specifications – it may require a little extra effort to make it work with your line
  • So 1999: Used equipment is usually older and may not come with all the newest bells and whistles. This also means that the equipment will become outdated in your process faster


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