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Automated Packaging Systems

EPIC Custom Packaging Systems & Filling Lines

Packaging LineAre you looking to increase packaging line speed, de-bottleneck packing, reduce risk for line workers or improve fill accuracy? Automated packaging systems and custom filling lines from EPIC Systems are guaranteed to relieve common packaging line problems and provide the fill rate and precision that you are looking for.

We’ve been overcoming the challenges presented to our clients by packaging system automation for over 19 years. Our expert packaging line team will guarantee line efficiency upon start-up of your complete turnkey packaging solution. Contact one of our packaging line experts today to start designing your custom packaging solution.

We have experience with the following common packaging applications and can combine various applications into a complete customized packing solution for your products:

  • Sanitizing
  • Purging
  • Weight checking
  • Pressure testing
  • Cap/sprayer inserting
  • Inspection
  • Case handling
  • Palatizing

Bottle Handling & Filling

bottle filling line automationPragmatic line design that eliminates bottlenecks and increases throughput of bottles is emphasized by EPIC’s expert packaging integration engineers.  We guarantee liquid packaging fill rates, line speed, and accurately filled bottles. Special attention is paid to correct tilt, speed and accumulation of bottles.

Bag & Pouch Filling

In-Line PackagingBased on your production needs, the correct equipment will be selected and integrated to form a complete bag filling or pouch filling line. Potential rate-limiters are identified upfront, and our experienced engineering team ensures correct fill rates with seamless product handling.

Drum Filling & Handling


Automated drum filling lines provide improved safety and reduced risk. From partial automation upgrades of existing equipment to fully integrated purging, filling, sealing and palletizing lines, EPIC custom packaging systems can provide the correct drum or pail filling solution for you.

Tote & Supersack Handling

automated tote filling lineReduce labor and fill totes or supersacks faster with an automated, or partially automated, solution from EPIC. We guarantee your line rate, and can work with you to create a “hands-free” filling line or a partially automated system that interfaces closely with your operators.

Miscellaneous Custom Packaging Lines

Packaging Line DesignOptimized packaging line layout prevents a host of problems; incomplete fills, package accumulation, slow line rates, or even line stoppage. EPIC will help prevent those problems through experienced line design and integration, guaranteeing your desired line rate upon start-up.

Client Testimonial

“The service we’d previously received from another system integrator was sub-standard and not robust enough to meet our manufacturing objectives. However, the new control system – configured and implemented by EPIC’s packaging system engineers – met or exceeded all of our expectations for success. We got what we needed and we continue to have success with the packaging system as a result of working with EPIC.” 

– Greg Kanteres, Director of Corporate Engineering | Solutia

Why EPIC Automated Packaging Systems & Filling Lines? 

We are experienced in making your process more efficient, from high-speed, fully automated lines to low cost manual packaging systems.  Due to the complexity of most custom packaging lines, EPIC breaks down packaging goals and basic line design challenges with the client up-front. Exploring these potential challenges early in the process helps pinpoint a solution that meets production goals, budget and timeline.

The first step to this process is an upfront meeting with the customer to understand your project.  Based on this meeting, a Front End Engineering study is outlined.   The study provides the customer a clear path forward that includes:  Initial packaging line layout, a firm budget, project timeline, defined scope of work and major equipment specifications.

Contact an EPIC packaging expert to start designing your automated packaging solution or view our homepage for more information on automated packaging systems.

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