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bulk bag filling lineEPIC will engineer your new bag filling line to specify and eliminate equipment, reduce floor space and guarantee fill rates. From large bulk bags to consumer sized bags or bag-in-box applications, EPIC will help you integrate and automate the bag filling line you need. Liquids, powders, granules – we have proven engineering experience with a wide variety of products.

What is your desired fill rate? Are you sealing, boxing and shipping your bags? Will your line require sanitary handling for food grade products or HAZOP analysis for hazardous materials? Working with EPIC’s team of automated packaging line experts, we will design a custom bag packaging line that meets your production requirements, fill accuracy targets and budget.  Fill rates are guaranteed with complete turnkey responsibility provided by EPIC.

Proper line design is used to understand how the complete project fits together to increase throughput and eliminate bottlenecks. Our engineering team identifies potential packaging line restraints, consolidates responsibility and improves equipment integration. The major functions we integrate for pouch filling lines include:

  • Product handling
  • Bag filling – Proper filling equipment identified, sourced and integrated
  • Bag closure or sealing & package inspection – Label, seal, date/code inspections and more…
  • Bag handling – Bag opening, conveying, closing, case packing and inspection equipment required to move bag to the final location
  • Bagging line automation – Full bagging line automation. Line layout and equipment spacing, line speeds, bag spacing, and equipment capacity designed to work seamlessly together.
  • Case or box erecting and packing – Options for box or case erecting and packing, code dating, in-line case printing, case sealing, case weighing and final conveying.

Featured Case Study: Bag Filling & Bag Packaging

Versatile Bag & Box Bulk Powder Line

bulk sugar bag filling lineA leading chemical company needed to consolidate packaging and in-line labeling for a variety of products being filled into an assortment of bags and boxes. Products were filled on weight and label numbering could be changed per user preference. Full Versatile Bag & Box Bulk Powder case study…

Key features: Bulk powder packaging line, in-line incremental labeling system, PLC integration, robotic palletizer, big bag filling, small bag filling, box filling all on a single line

Client Testimonial

“EPIC did a great job on the bag filling line project. EPIC’s project manager was very focused on customer service and also provided great technical skills for the project. There are many areas where EPIC’s project manager was able to add value, for example, the diagnostics for the bag rejection system so the operator could determine reasons for rejection. I even dumped a few things on him last minute, like panel design, and the quality of work was still very good.” 

– Gerard R., Senior Project Manager | a Fortune 500 pet care products company

Line Rate Guarantee

We are confident in our ability to automate your bag packaging line. With over nineteen years of packaging line automation experience, we know what the challenges are and how to integrate for them. We believe in our method so much that we will guarantee the agreed upon line efficiency if we complete a turnkey packaging line for you. Contact our packaging experts today to learn more or call (314) 845-0077 to speak with a packaging expert.

Why EPIC Bag Filling Systems?

We work with you to design your equipment layout, and engineer the maximum reliable line rate for your product. Whether you are upgrading, relocating, restructuring or adding a new technology to your packaging line, EPIC can provide value add as an experienced integrator in a variety of industries. We also help manufacturers reduce their products, condense formulas, provide more environmentally friendly solutions and integrating re-seal-able packaging for the consumer. Each filling system performs to the customer’s required specification with a vertical start-up in the field.

The first step to our process is an upfront meeting with the customer to understand their project. Based on this meeting a Front End Engineering (FEE) study begins, providing the customer a clear path forward. The FEE includes initial layout, a firm budget, project timeline, defined scope of work, and major equipment specifications.


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