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Bottle Filling Lines

Accurately filling your bottles at the desired rate requires a skilled integrator who can design, automate and install a packaging line with the correct tilt, speed and accumulation. EPIC takes complete responsibility for your bottle filling line,  guaranteeing fill rates and line speed upon check-out. Our engineering and fabrication team has worked with a wide variety of companies on bottle packaging systems around the world. Each system is tailored to the unique needs of bottle filling companies.

  • Bottle Handling –Palletized bottles, bulk bottle handling, in-case handling, bottle labeling
  • Bottle Packaging Orientation– Orienting the bottle in correct position to be filled (EPIC will integrate a bottle packaging machine vision system if needed)
  • Bottle Filling– Correct filling technology provided, ex.:  Inline filling, rotary filling, sanitary design requirements, etc.
  • Finished Bottle Inspection – Cap detection, fill level inspection, code dating and label inspection
  • Case Handling/Packaging– Case erecting, case packing & proper sealing
  • Case Inspection – Check weighing, bar code reading, date coding
  • Full Case Handling – Providing conveying systems to transport case to final location
  • Palletizing– Palletize cases, stretch wrapping, display case handling, pallet labeling
  • Manual/Automatic New/Used Equipment– Define upfront when it makes sense to use manual operation options vs. fully automatic operations and provide used equipment option to reduce capital costs

Selected Case Study: Bottle Filling Companies

Flexible Low-Speed Bottle Filling System With Partial Automation

flexible bottle filling lineA budget friendly bottling filling line able to handle sample sized bottles up to re-fill sized containers was needed by the Fortune 100 client. This bottle filling line brought contract manufacturing runs in-house and expanded bottle size offerings. Full low-speed bottling case…

Key Features: In-line filler, bundle packing capabilities, conveyors, hand pack station, several sets of change-out parts, HMI with “package programming”

Client Testimonial

 “EPIC Systems has provided packaging line integration support and overall project management responsibilities for our plant for over eight years. A relationship of this length is indicative of our satisfaction with their performance. EPIC has proven to be an excellent partner in successfully executing and meeting performance expectations on critical projects with extremely aggressive schedule and requirements. EPIC demonstrates exceptional automation technical expertise, ownership and commitment, which has resulted in outstanding production results.”

– Rich K., Project Manager | a Fortune 100 personal care products company

Line Rate Guarantee

We are confident in our ability to automate your line. With over nineteen years of packaging line automation experience, we know what the challenges are and how to integrate for them. We believe in our method so much that we will guarantee the agreed upon line efficiency if we complete a turnkey packaging line for you. Contact our packaging experts today to learn more.

Why EPIC Packaging Systems? 

We are experienced in making the packaging process for bottle filling companies more efficient. From high-speed, fully automated bottle filling lines to low cost manual packaging lines, we can suggest pointed improvements that quickly improve your bottling process. Due to the complexity of most packaging lines, EPIC breaks down manufacturing goals and line design in the first meeting with each client. This helps pinpoint the most cost effective approach to deliver solutions that meet production goals, budget and timeline.

The first step to this process is an up-front meeting with the customer to understand their project.  This meeting includes several EPIC engineers with years of experience in the packaging field.  Based on this meeting, a Front-End Engineering study is outlined.   The study provides the customer a clear path forward that includes:  initial layout, a firm budget, project timeline, defined scope of work and major equipment specifications.


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