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bottle handling systemHaving the proper bottle handling system in place when transporting hundreds of bottles per minute through a packaging system reduces your risk of jams, damaged product and spills which cause downtime and product loss. Bottle handling systems are not a one-size-fits all type package. Bottles come in a multitude of different sizes, shapes and materials of construction, therefore not all conveyors perform adequately for the different bottles available. These factors make a difference when choosing which bottle handling system is right for your filling line.

EPIC’s packaging system integrators will work with you to customize the best bottle handling system for your line. Our engineers will understand your current issues and future needs, which will allow them to identify the proper material handling equipment for your bottling line.

Selected Case Study

Automated High Speed Bottling Handling System

Bottle Filling LineA uniquely shaped bottle and cap required a complete bottling filling system re-design for a Fortune 100 consumer products client. The automated solution runs at the required high speeds and includes a machine vision system for quality checks. Full high speed bottling case…

Key Features: Custom in-feed line, unscrambler, rotary filler, sprayer inserter, robotic case packer, automated bottle reject, conveyors, stretch-wrapper, machine vision system

Client Testimonial

“EPIC’s packaging team brings high intelligence, superior work ethic and business acumen to create win-win partnerships with their clients. They have assembled a team that brings creativity and integrity to make the client’s project a success. EPIC excels in the development of process by innovating and setting the bars.” – Plant Manager, Eagle Packaging LLC

Line Rate Guarantee

We are confident in our ability to automate your line. With over nineteen years of packaging line automation experience, we know what the challenges are and how to integrate for them. We believe in our method so much that we will guarantee the agreed upon line efficiency if we complete a turnkey packaging line for you. Contact our packaging experts today to learn more.

Why EPIC Packaging Systems? 

We are experienced in making bottle filling and bottle handling systems more efficient. From high-speed, fully automated bottle filling lines to low cost manual packaging lines, we can suggest pointed improvements that quickly improve your bottling process. Due to the complexity of most packaging lines, EPIC breaks down manufacturing goals and line design in the first meeting with each client. This helps pinpoint the most cost effective approach to deliver solutions that meet production goals, budget and timeline.

The first step to this process is an up-front meeting with the customer to understand their project.  This meeting includes several EPIC engineers with years of experience in the packaging field.  Based on this meeting, a Front-End Engineering study is outlined.   The study provides the customer a clear path forward that includes:  initial layout, a firm budget, project timeline, defined scope of work and major equipment specifications.


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