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Do you know the most important considerations for liquid packaging applications? This varies depending on your goals for the line, but there are common factors that must be considered for every successful liquid packaging line. These include:

  • Liquid packaging line for detergentRate – How fast do containers need to be filled? Filling speed largely dictates whether or not your application will require a manual filler, in-line filler or a rotary filler. It also has great weight on the level of automation required to reach the desired fill rate speeds.
  • Viscosity – Viscosity also plays an important role in selecting the correct liquid packaging equipment. Be sure that your integrator works with a wide range of produces with varying viscosities.
  • MSDS – The chemical makeup of the substance to be filled is critical. Having a clear understanding of the Material Safety Data Sheet allows an integrator to accurately select the materials of construction for the packaging system, avoiding any potential contamination during filling.
  • Risk of Foaming – The products propensity to foam during the filling process will help to determine the specific type of filling nozzle and whether or the not the fill should be sub-surface.
  • Industry – Equipment that serves the food and beverage industry often differs from the type of equipment the serves the industrial industries. Partner with an experienced integrator that has experience in both industrial and sanitary applications.
  • Downtime Tolerance – The need for rapid change over should be considered for every liquid packaging application. An integrator must also evaluate the range of products to be filled on a line as well as the cleaning requirements between each product run.
  • Area Classifications – Are there any flammability concerns for your application? Because safety is of the highest importance, select an integrator that has an intimate knowledge of all applicable area classifications and regulatory codes.
  • Fuming and Venting – Certain chemicals can cause harm to operators if proper fuming and venting is not installed for your liquid packaging operation.
  • Filling Accuracy – When evaluating liquid packaging systems filling accuracy must be accounted for. The more expensive the liquid to be filled, the more accuracy will play a factor in the system. When high levels of accuracy are required, filling by weight or flow meter achieves the best results. If accuracy is not as important, volumetric filling can be sufficient.

Get Your Custom Liquid Packaging Line

As a packaging systems integrator, EPIC has a vast knowledge of liquid packaging equipment and what equipment is most efficient on a per job basis. We weight all the above factors when selecting equipment, designing line layout, and during controls development. To discuss a custom packaging line, please contact EPIC (314) 845-0077 to get a quote.

Case Studies

Flexible Liquid Bottle Filling Line Reduces Costs and Adds Product Size Offerings 

A budget-friendly bottling line was required by the client to handle a range of bottles from sample size to re-fill size. A new line would bring contract manufacturing products in-house lowering overall costs. The new line compliments existing high-speed lines with a flexible low-speed line able to expand bottle size offerings. Read full case study.

Key features: Semi-automated low-speed liquid packaging line, in-line filler, automated conveying with rapid rail adjustment, automated case weighing, manual capping, packing, bundling and palletizing.

Hazardous Chemical Hot Fill Line for 55 Gallon Drums

The client receives empty 55-gallon drums strapped together in sets of four that will be filled with a chemical mixture at 180° Fahrenheit. The final drum fill line includes a dual camera vision system that allows for a completely hands-free liquid filling process. See full case study.

Key features: Automated, hands-free bulk packaging system for drum fill, custom vision system, pressure check, cap removal, defect drum reject/marking system


Oftentimes, we want input on our own designs and if they are the most effective and as efficient as they can be. We look to EPIC and they put our doubt and fear to rest through research and experiential proof. They get the parts on time and manage every facet of our projects flawlessly. Even when changes arise from us or if complications occur on the vendor-side, EPIC provides on-going support when we need it most.

This group of engineers treats challenges as opportunities with their “we will find a way” mentality while always keeping the highest possible priority on safety. EPIC has helped our company become an engine for growth in the global economy.”

– Senior Process Engineer | a top agricultural chemicals company

“Our team at Solutia called on the engineers at EPIC Systems, Inc. to write PLC programming and beef up the equipment for our Skydrol packaging lines. The service we’d previously received from another system integrator was sub-standard and not robust enough to meet our manufacturing objectives.

However, the new control system configured and implemented by EPIC’s engineers met or exceeded all of our expectations for success. We got what we needed and we continue to have success with the packaging system as a result of working with EPIC.”

– Greg Kanteres, Director of Corporate Engineering | Solutia


To discuss a custom liquid packaging line, please contact EPIC (314) 845-0077 to get a quote.



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