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Tote Filling & Super Sack Handling Systems

Tote Filling EquipmentTraditional tote or super sack filling systems are labor intensive, dangerous and difficult to automate.  Re-usable totes are heavy and often need to be purged. Super sacks and totes can be processed faster and safer with an automated system.   EPIC will integrate a “hands-free” tote or super sack filling line with varying degrees of operator interface. Our tote filling systems, which come with a line-rate guarantee, include:

  • Tote/Super Sack Handling–  Complete conveyor systems to index the tote to the filling station, in the proper fill position, with pressure testing before fill
  • Tote/Super Sack Filling–Correct filling technology researched and provided (speed and sanitary requirements understood), subsurface filling, high-speed filling, automated dribble feed for accuracy
  • Automatic Intermediate Bulk Container Filling (IBC Filler System) – Liquid filling of IBC containers
  • Finished Tote Inspection– Cap detection, fill level inspection, code dating and label placement and inspection
  • Cap removal/ replacement – Torque to proper specification
  • Leak Pressure Testing
  • Hazardous fumes/ chemicals purging
  • Full Tote/Super sack Handling– Provide conveying systems to transport tote to the final location
  • Lift assist – fully or semi-automated lift assists to transfer full super sacks & totes for line operators
  • Palletizing– Palletizing drums/pails, stretch wrapping, pallet labeling, full pallet check weighing

Select Case Studies: Tote Filling Equipment and Handling

Tote SystemsAutomated Tote Handling Line For Hazardous Chemical

Large chemical totes are purged, filled with a hazardous chemical, and transported on an automatic conveying line. Mirrored lines were designed, integrated and installed in the brand new facility for a Fortune 500 automotive client. Space constraints and safety concerns were overcome with the dual-line design. IBC container filling was made safer and more efficient with a semi-automated fill and dribble feed and automated safety check. More…

Key Features: Automatic tote purge before filler, mirrored conveying systems with in-line filler, complete line integration

Client Testimonial

 “Our formulation and packaging practices must adhere to strict manufacturing specifications, which ensure product quality, safety and performance for our clients. We continually rely on the expertise of EPIC Systems to maintain and improve our technical edge in the industry. Their breadth of experience allows us to rapidly implement new automation strategies and technologies for systematic improvement of performance and safety.” 

– Ron C., Plant Manager | an agricultural chemical company

Line Rate Guarantee

With our experience on tote systems & filling equipment, we are confident in our ability to automate your line. With over nineteen years of packaging line automation experience, we know what the challenges are and how to integrate for them.  We believe in our method so much that we will guarantee the agreed upon line efficiency if we complete a turnkey packaging line for you. Contact our packaging experts today to learn more on our super handling and tote systems.

Why EPIC Packaging Systems?

EPIC employs our on-site fabrication shop to assemble and test tote filling equipment and super sack filling lines before they are put in production.  Customers are involved from the beginning and are provided training and experience with the application through commissioning.  Each container filling system efficiently achieves the customer’s required specifications and automation level, with a vertical start-up in the field.

There is a wide array of tote and super sack filling options available in today’s market.  EPIC will partner with you through the entire process to single out the best option available.  We integrate your packaging line into a complete fill and conveying solution.


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