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Complete Packaging System Integration

EPIC engineers packaging lines for complete product handling solutions. We transform individual pieces of equipment into cohesive packaging systems through our experience with: mechanical design, automation and integration. Our team consists of mechanical, process, and controls engineers that have worked in a variety of industry leading manufacturing plants. We guide your product successfully through any stage of the turnkey process; from raw materials through processing, packaging and storage.

We create coComplete Packaging Systemsmprehensive packaging systems in our state of the art assembly & testing facility for a wide variety of needs. By including EPIC in as many areas of your project scope as possible, you ensure greater efficiencies with less downtime and decreased product waste:

  • Project Scope Viability & Development
  • Detailed Mechanical Design
  • Equipment Procurement & Integration
  • Control Automation
  • Liquid/Dry Process System: Design, Fabrication, Integration
  • Process Tie-ins
  • Installation Services
  • Product Commissioning at Client Specified Rates

STEP 1: Front-End Engineering | Quotations

packaging line cost estimationFully extracting packaging line goals and specifications upfront, leads to the most accurate packaging line quotations available. Front-end engineering is the critical stage in packaging line development. Our unique method to quoting is the best way to understand your packaging line operation with a firm cost and tight project timeline. Visit our front-end engineering page or contacting an engineer today.

STEP 2: Packaging Line Design

packaging line designDesigning the correct equipment layout, maximizing your packaging line up-time and balancing automation needs require expert line design and implementation by experienced plant integrators. EPIC combines in-plant and mechanical engineering experience that ensures a productive line design, proper accumulation areas and efficient operator ergonomics. Design starts with a basic line layout and progresses through equipment selection and detailed design. Contact a packaging engineer today to get started.

STEP 3: Equipment Integration

integration of packaging linesEPIC does not have allegiance to “ally vendors”. We specify the best solution for your needs regardless of brand. Accurate mechanical integration and assembly of your packaging equipment determines: flexibility, operator ergonomicslongevity of your line, simplicity of operation and the quality of your product handling. Our controlled plant environment and proven line engineering methods address everything from machinery deck heights to accumulation and changeovers. Contact a packaging engineer today to get started.


STEP 4: Controls

automation controls for packing linesHigh-quality controls must be balanced with cost-effective automation techniques for successful operation. Strategic automation upgrades can achieve significant gains in performance with rapid payback. From fully automated, high-speed solutions to flexible, semi-automated packaging lines, EPIC’s packaging experts address your needs by ensuring faster, more consistent, throughput.

STEP 5: Packaging Systems Installation

packaging line installationFully tested, pre-integrated packaging lines from EPIC are shipped and installed with minimal interruption in your plant. Equipment testing, installation and plant integration are overseen by EPIC engineers, with formal FAT testing occurring in EPIC’s controlled plant environment. EPIC takes full responsibility for packaging line installation and plant integration, with our packaging integration engineers overseeing the complete process.

STEP 6: Start-up & Commissioning

packaging line startupPunch list resolution, in-plant training and packaging line documentation are all standard parts of our complete start-up and commissioning process. Ensuring all aspects of commissioning are complete and you feel fully prepared to take control of your packaging equipment is our sole focus during start-up. We continue to provide support for any simple issues or complex technical issues after start-up.



To learn more about EPIC Packaging Line Integration visit our homepage or contact an engineer today.


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