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packaging line controlsAutomating your packaging line results in faster throughput, improved product consistency and reduced production costs. Our engineers work with you to understand your packaging line automation needs, while balancing cost-effective measures for complete system integration.

Using EPIC’s packaging line automation services, manufacturers realize a distinct competitive advantage. Automation integration from EPIC brings a plan that takes your budget and feature requests into equal consideration with practical, expert line controls.

EPIC’S Engineers Specify:

  • The capabilities of mechanical and electrical maintenance personnel
  • Functional strategy for packaging line operators
  • Span of control relative to total packaging line responsibilities
  • Budget limitations or special safety conditions

Packaging Line Automation Capabilities

EPIC provides PLC programming, instrumentation and electrical design to deliver turnkey automation systems. Our electrical controls engineers have the knowledge, expertise and experience to automate and integrate control systems for complex packaging lines. EPIC’s dedicated team specialize in:

Electrical Design

control cabinet for packaging lineElectrical Design

Clean, efficient electrical design is critical to a well-integrated packaging line. Our electrical design team works directly with our custom panel shop to ensure high quality electrical system components. Our capabilities for electrical design include:

  • Electrical wiring
  • Control panel fabrication
  • I/O selection and integration
  • Electrical component selection
  • Electrical part and wiring installation
  • Electrical schematic drawings
  • Loop diagrams
  • Control panel layout drawings
  • Component part numbers
  • Part specification spreadsheets

EPIC’s production line electrical designs are prepared in accordance with:

  • NFPA National Electric Codes
    • All schematics are designed to safely fit with your existing electrical control voltage
  • 120 VAC or 24 VDC, with components and instruments specified to meet
    • UL
    • CSA and/or CE requirements as needed for packaging line safety and sustained success.
  • Wire colors and marking standards
  • NEMA and IEC motor starter preferences, designed to match existing plant/production line standards.

Other customized electrical options include:

  • Explosion proof enclosures
  • Intrinsically safe devices
  • Purged cabinets
  • Isolation barriers for added safety in operation.

All electrical designs by EPIC maintain data and instrument signal integrity through the proper separation of power, control and communication wiring. Fuse and circuit breaker protective devices are specified and procured by EPIC based upon your brand preference or budget needs for electrical hardware.

Control System Integration

EPIC’s controls engineers integrate each piece of packaging line equipment with logic processor control systems. We specialize in control system integration. Your packaging line can be programmed using either a PLC or PC-based logic platform. Packaging lines are integrated with comprehensive logic-based, operator interface platforms that systematically control the entire line.

Control System Platforms Can Be Standardized According To:

  • Client-preferred logic platforms
  • Compliance with all existing plant standards and safety regulations
  • Compliance with brands already integrated into the production facility
  • Immediate skill level of operators and maintenance personnel


Packaging line automation advances your manufacturing processes, improves conditions for personnel and reduces employee insurance costs by eliminating hazardous tasks. Contact a packaging expert today to start designing your automated packaging line.


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