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packing line design and layoutProper machine layout, efficient equipment integration and maximized up-time all depend on creative detailed design. EPIC’s engineers bring many combined years of packaging line automation experience, ensuring your line is integrated with the best possible equipment and line layout.

Whether you are making a new product, or extending an existing offering, our engineers have extensive experience applying fundamental engineering principles to bring efficient packaging lines to life.

Design general progresses through several stages, including:

Base Design

Once front-end engineering is completed, your project enters the base design phase. During the phase of the project, basic line layout is completed and a control and automation strategy selected.

A well thought-out production line is the key to long-term success. EPIC takes your project through multiple design steps to make sure we deliver a quality line that meets your needs now and in the future.

Basic line design capabilities include establishing the following elements:

After a basic line design is established, a detailed fixed bid price is presented. The fixed bid includes detailed breakouts for engineering, equipment, fabrication, system installation, and start-up. Once the fixed bid amount is approved, your project moves onto the detailed design phase.

Equipment Selection

packaging equipment selectionWe know that timing is essential in keeping a production line on deadline and on budget. Our project managers order equipment and hardware in sequence with the project timeline, so that the project is not delayed by purchasing and timing issues.

Major equipment is specified during preliminary design and included in the fixed bid price. EPIC can integrate equipment from your preferred supplier, or we can recommend equipment based on a variety of parameters including function, cost and plant standards.

When commercially available, pre-assembled machinery is specified first. If a necessary piece does not exist to meet a need, EPIC will craft custom machinery for full integration with the production line. Final equipment selection is done in partnership with you, to meet your cost and performance requirements.

Detailed Design

epics-packaging-linesOnce a fixed bid has been agreed upon, EPIC will begin the detailed design process. We handle equipment specification and procurement, selecting machines that fit seamlessly together for optimal functionality.

EPIC dedicates one project manager to your project in the design stage that will stay with your project through completion. This engineer will complete the detailed design and oversee the equipment assembly, fabrication, controls development and line installation.

Some of our detailed design capabilities include:


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