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Looking for a “quick quote” to automate or install a new packaging line? Or a fixed bid that guarantees your project to be successfully completed on time and on budget?

The “Quick Quote” Risk

A company willing to provide a “quick quote” may include all the major pieces of equipment needed for the project, and they may supply a rudimentary line layout with their quickly-developed quotation. On the surface, this may sound like what you need, but in reality it is potentially doing you a disservice.

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Don’t settle quotations based upon equipment pricing that has resulted from incomplete specifications.

You deserve better than that!

Be aware that “quick quotations” are based upon numerous unknowns. The number could be too low because of unknown information, or the number could be unnecessarily loaded with contingency because of the unknowns. However, many companies will bid low to secure the order and then blame the lack of detailed written specifications as additional charges accrue through change orders.  Unfortunately, you’re stuck with your integration partner at that point.

Don’t get stuck! There is a better way; The EPIC Way…

Guaranteeing Success

engineering for packaging linesWhen you contact EPIC for a quote, we want nothing more than to provide you with an accurate bid based upon fully extracting your requirements, ultimately resulting in a successful project outcome. The key to this WIN-WIN outcome:  Front End Engineering (FEE).  Is it not intuitive that allowing your packaging line integrator the ability to be thorough during this critical stage of the project will allow him to confidently stand behind the performance of your packaging line?

At EPIC, each project is unique.  Therefore, we take the time to understand your requirements in the development fixed bid quotation…

  • Automation vs. Labor: What is your budget? What is your loaded cost for manual labor? Does it make sense to automate a portion of the line now, and the rest next year or two years down the road?
  • Desired Production: How many cases do you need to produce each year? How many shifts do you run a day and how many hours per shift? What are your equipment reliability, MTBF and OEE goals?
  • Range of container sizes and form factors:  What are the largest and smallest container sizes that will be filled?  Are there different container shapes that must be accommodated?  Do some sizes require a sprayer inserter?  Are pucks required due to high center-of-gravity?
  • Design packaging line layoutLine Layout: What is the physical layout of your plant? What are the space parameters for the new line? Should the new line operator interface be placed in a mirror configuration to allow one crew to efficiently operate two packaging lines?

Line studies considered during FEE:

  • Up-Time & Accumulation Studies
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Enzyme Handling
  • Area Classification/HAZOP Studies
  • Understanding of Standards and Guidelines: Do you need to comply with GMP, FDA and BPE regulations?
  • Assumptions and Exclusions: What are the specific battery limits of your project scope?  Are you providing the utilities or are we responsible?
  •  Future Goals: Are you planning to run different products or different types of containers on the same line in the future? Do you foresee a need to increase production in a few years?

Front-End Engineering Levels & Deliverables

EPIC realizes that not every client is looking for a fixed bid quote upfront. Maybe your project is scheduled for the next year, and you just need a rough order magnitude (ROM) quote for budgetary reasons. It is also possible that you just need a +15%/-5% bid instead of a firm +0%/-0% fixed bid. If you are unsure of which FEE method would be the best fit for your project, EPIC will guide you in the best direction.


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