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Turnkey Packaging Solutions

Front-End Engineering Deliverables

Depending on the amount of FEE required to accurately quote your project, certain deliverables will be provided to you along with your quote.

Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) Quote Deliverable

ROM quotes are provided for potential clients who need preliminary pricing for a project that may be happening in the next year. Most ROM quotes are used to budgetary and future project planning. Below is an example of what is outlined in a ROM quote.

 ROM Quote Example
Refined Quotation Deliverables

Project Timeline: One of the most crucial items but often not taken into account early enough in a project is the project timeline.  During the fixed bid FEE process EPIC puts together a project timeline to identify key milestone dates and the overall length of the project.  This allows the client to understand the impact of the project on current operations, funding impact and most importantly, when can the product get out door!  A realistic project timeline upfront provides a valuable tool to aid in scheduling resources and identifying long lead items.packaging line deliverables


Packaging Line Layout: A question early in a project that often comes up is: Will my packing line fit into the space allocated. This is an important question that can be answered during FEE. Too many times EPIC has seen a customer specify equipment during later stages of the project and realize they have extensive site work to do that was not captured up front. This leads to cost overruns and project delays. A line layout also provides a base point for discussions involving raw material flows, operator numbers and locations, ergonomics, controls, utilities and civil discussions etc. A good layout upfront will provide guidance throughout the project.Dumbed-Down-Layout


Fixed Bid Quote Deliverables

In addition to the refined quote deliverables, potential clients seeking a fixed bid price will receive….Detailed Packaging Line Layout

detailed packaging line equipment layout

Peer Review: EPIC performs a unique peer review process that is employed prior to finalizing the FEE documentation and fixed bid.  During the FEE process multiple engineers from various disciplines have provided input and information at various times. These engineers  meet and review the contents of the FEE.  It is a check that provides “another set of eyes” to validate accuracy and ensure nothing is left out.  This is just another example of EPIC going the extra step to provide the customer with an FEE package that they can use to move forward with confidence.

Optional Documents: Below are results and documents that can  be provided at the conclusion of FEE at your request.


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