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Equipment Installation & Plant Integration

Installation of packaging linesProper equipment installation involves more than adding machines to a conveyor and testing their individual function. Each station is different and can cause line problems without proper integration management. Machine controls must be automated correctly to work in concert with individual lines and existing plant production. Packaging lines should be ergonomically efficient for the operator(s) and follow intelligent line flow and installation techniques.

Minimal interruption and safety are top priorities during factory line installation, commissioning and production. To ensure the fastest installation and startup, lines are fully tested before shipment and exposed to our rigorous quality assurance review.

The EPIC Packaging Line Team fully installs packaging equipment, fillers, controls and machinery at your manufacturing facility. Upon installation and system integration, EPIC re-tests all equipment and control systems to ensure every piece works together as intended. Let EPIC help guide you through all stages of:

Equipment Testing for Assembled Lines

EPIC Line Integration tests all assembled packaging equipment for factory acceptance, component efficiency and precise function. Our rigorous testing process ensures the packaging line will work correctly when installed in-plant.

Formal factory acceptance testing is conducted inside EPIC’s state of the art fabrication facility after final in house assembly of the packaging equipment. We perform FAT with our clients for complete transparency during the testing process. Upon completion of a successful FAT, EPIC provides shipping approval documents and delivers your system on schedule.

Installation of Packaging Line Equipment

Understanding how individual pieces of equipment work together is key to a successful packaging integration project. EPIC’s talented engineering team will design and integrate a system that is safe and ergonomically efficient.

Your project manager isn’t just an equipment rep. He is an engineer that will ensure project success after design by specifying and buying the proper equipment, working with equipment reps for machine training, collaborating with EPIC’s in house automation engineers and supervising installation management.

We retain a record of zero installation incidents by utilizing a qualified, well-trained workforce. Our experienced engineering managers guide our employees by following an established set of safety procedures. EPIC packaging line installation includes:

  • Field work accomplished with 100% dedicated in-plant supervision
  • Fast-track job schedules keeping all work on track
  • Best-value equipment contractors with no union affiliations or agreements
  • Safety and cost management
  • Bid package development & sub-contractor selection
  • Modifications to plant facilities or infrastructure
  • Installation of pre-fabricated, mechanical equipment, machines and hardware
  • Link in-feed and out-feed equipment installation
  • Power distribution construction including conduit and wiring installation to provide power to the new packaging line

Plant integration including communication set-up between all equipment and corresponding packaging lines


Complete Plant Integration

conveyor installationPackaging lines rarely function in a stand-alone environment and new lines must fit with existing equipment and machinery inside your plant. To ensure trouble-free start-up, EPIC’s dedicated group of systems integrators are available for on-site management or review to fully integrate new packaging lines with existing plant machinery.

Control handshaking with existing equipment and control processors are integrated by an EPIC control engineer. Custom hardware or software interfaces are developed, based on customer need, to facilitate the efficient exchange of data and maintain compatibility plant-wide.

EPIC prepares for the new line integration to your facility by understanding and working with the plant’s existing conditions, including the power supply distribution. Modifications prepare the plant and packaging line for:

  • Handshaking with other machinery
  • Control processor compatibility
  • Adjustments in power distribution
  • Modifications to motor control centers
  • Changes to power distribution panels
  • Custom plant conditions
  • Supervision by an experienced construction management team
  • Modifications to plant grounds and surface areas
  • Piping installation

Custom plant construction needs

Packaging lines often tie into complex processing lines. EPIC is unique due to our in house chemical and process engineering team. We can handle both the packaging and process side of plant development or act as a consultant to your process efforts.

EPIC has over twenty years of plant integration experience, and we house both packaging and process experts under one roof. Our dedicated group of systems integrators ensure packaging lines are fully integrated with processing lines and existing equipment. Contact an EPIC packaging line expert today to start planning your plant upgrade.


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